The first Wealth is Health!

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth,
and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health”


I have just got back from downing a bottle of my Bioslim followed by a Power Packed lunch consisting of Bombay Butter Chutney Sandwich with Multigrain Oat bread that my husband prepared for today. As I settle down in my chair, I slowly sip on my Super Chlorophyll to make sure I don’t crave for more food, I begin to think where to start from.


In the recent video I uploaded on my Facebook Page, I had mentioned that I’d be delving into my journey of staying fit to find a fine-tune between mind, body and an overall balanced life! So, here it is 🙂 

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to be healthy. You should take care of your body, take good care of what you eat and how you handle it. At the end of the day, it is where you have to live in. Amirite or Amirite!? 🙂


As far as I remember, I have always been into physical fitness ever since my school days. Thanks to the Physical Training classes on Wednesday in the scorching heat. During high school, I was training for Volley Ball to represent my school in district level matches. While it wasn’t for the sport, I totally loved how I could miss classes and exams to get away easily with it because ‘ VOLLEY BALL MATCHES’.

During college days, I used to practice Yoga. It was during this time that I understood how important it is to make some form of workout a daily routine. When I moved to Pune for higher studies, I couldn’t afford a gym membership and was too proud to ask my parents. I used to follow crash diets to lose weight. I soon discovered that it is unhealthy and cannot last long with it. It was wen I watched the movie ‘ Forrest Gump’ that inspired (in a weird way) me to run. My love for running only grew over the years.

I love to leap high up in the air like a deer while running. A good 15 – 30 minute run at the end of the day is liberating, takes the entire day’s stress away and at the end of it, I’m are all charged up to take over the world next day. It was about 6 years back, when I moved to Hyderabad that I started going to the gym. Mostly, my routine involves a good mix of cardio and weight training. When I go crazy (which is often), I take up to challenges like 30 days abs challenge, 30 days squat challenge, 30 days body shred challenge, so on and so forth.

A day where I don’t get to go to the gym, I am that grumpy little child with a frowned face whom you would probably never want to have. There are times when I have even (white) lied to my friends when they make evening plans. Evening workout is very precious and close to my heart. I usually don’t like to miss it. A lot of my friends and family say – ” Hey, don’t go to the gym. I’ve heard you will put on weight once you stop working out”. OKAY! But, hello! I’m going to put on weight anyway and become unhealthy if I don’t workout. Besides, why wouldn’t I workout? Its my favorite things to do and the best part of my day. Also, workout in anyway doesn’t only mean working on Size Zero figure, isn’t it? It is about having some form of physical activity so that I don’t encounter a lifestyle illness like diabetes, keep myself active, keep in good shape, probably get a chiseled  jawline and a toned butt!

Work keeps me occupied 7 days of the week. However, I go to the gym no matter what. Even if it is 9 PM by the time I reach home, I head to the gym for a quick 30  – 40 workout consisting of running and crunches to keep my abs happy in shape to call it a day. The feeling after working out at the end of a tiring day is AH-MAY-ZING!

But, just so that you know, you can always choose a form of workout that you love and something that you can look forward to everyday. It is the only way you will be inspired in a long way to continue to do what you love. That’s the secret.

All it takes is 30 minutes of your day.One has to definitely stop giving silly excuses to oneself. If you think this can’t be done, it means you need a major turnaround in your lifestyle and time management. I am listing some of the effective forms of workouts that you can choose from and make it an integral part of your life.

  1. Gym : Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction! Being true to what is being said, hit the gym at least 5 days of a week.  Do some cardio for good cardio health, lift weights to tone up that body, get on the floor to get flexible, Rope Workouts, take up ABS / Jillian Michaels/ BBM challenges and squat! Squat Press exercises works on your entire body, starting with legs, abs, lower back which helps in losing weight. Also, for a toned butt, nothing works better than squats.


  2. Yoga : Yoga has several benefits and one of the most effective way of workout. Find an instructor nearby and practice Yoga everyday. It helps you calm you mind, give you a great body and find the right balance between body-mind. My dear friend Rina Hindocha, a dedicated Yoga instructor spoke in length about how Yoga has changed her for good. She says – “Yoga to me is more than physical. I am not saying yoga is the answer for all but it certainly is for me. It makes me feel powerful, like I can conquer the world. It ignites my passion, it fuses my mind-body-spirit together. And it definitely makes me appreciate everything my body can do. I’m much more a relaxed person now. I don’t spend my energies on unnecessary worries. I get to spend more time with family, more time on fitness. I do worry about my life, but it only makes me more disciplined and focused, which is great. I’m contributing to something that matters to me, I couldn’t have been happier with where I am right now, working on things I’m passionate about.” That is definitely a lifestyle most us us crave for, right?

  3. Zumba : Zumba, over the years has become very popular. This form of workout, for sure, ensures quick weight loss. I have attended these classes for a couple of days and I must say, it works wonders for weight loss and toning. Vijaya Tupurani from Hyderabad is someone who has taken the Zumba Fitness Industry by storm. Right from the beginning, I have witnessed how she started, struggled and succeeded in spreading Zumba love across the country. The more I say about her, the lesser it seems to be. She is someone who inspires and leads. You definitely would want to check  Vijaya Tupurani Zumba Channel on YouTube. I personally follow them during my home work outs.


  4. Brisk Walk / Morning run in the neighborhood park : A stroll or run in a park nearby can be the first step to reaching your fitness goal. This should be part of everyday routine even on rest days and should be looked as an activity aimed towards a healthy heart and not to be seen as cardio.

  5. Home Workout videos : There are lot of home workout tutorials. I follow Jordan Yeoh for this. Body weight exercises like Push-ups, squats, Pull ups and ab crunches can be alternatives of home workout.

  6. Play your favorite sport – Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Kho Kho, Kabbai et all.

  7. Dance – Like no one’s watching. Salsa, Bollywood, Kathak, Odissi, Belly Dancing, Bachata or Freestyle. Shake that booty! 

  8. Go Swimming : Nothing like swimming to unwind the day and stay fit at the same time. Win – Win right?

What follows the workout regime is a healthy diet that will fulfill the daily nutrition requirements.

  • Have lots of greens.

  • Drink lots of water (I swear by this)

  • Eat raw vegetables often

  • Detox! I detox with my Super Chlorophyll. (You can reach out to me for more details on the nutraceuticals I consumeBioslim, Chlorophyll, Balance, Matcha, Activate, Lean Protein et al.)


  • Eat regular meals but in controlled portions. Everybody has cravings.  But, if you don’t curb that feeling by giving it some feed, you will eventually give in and binge eat. Eat in controlled portions. That’s the trick. Oh! Also, I have made Bioslim a part of my diet everyday. This helps me cut unnecessary cravings yet, gives me energy throughout the day.

  • Random Things!







  • Last, but not the least, listen to what your body says, be happy from within, sleep well and don’t stress much. Stay hydrated before, during and after a workout. All these factors definitely will help in leading a healthy life and prevent illness.

Staying healthy and losing weight are two different things is what I believe. One should accept and love them self for who they are. Hence, they have to make sure what they do to their body and what they consume should only add value to the quality of life.

I’d suggest one to experiment with different types of workout routine mentioned above, find their love interest among these and hit it hard by understanding which form of workout suits the body. You are the best judge right?

I really hope this harangue has inspired my lovely readers in some way and hopefully can draw inspiration. I am also  an interactive part of several groups where we discuss, update and motivate each other on staying fit,  clean eating and detoxification of body. Detox of body is very important as much as the workout in itself. It is when the toxins leave your body that you can reach your health goals easily.

P.S. I am not an expert in this. All this written above is purely from my experience. Your suggestions are most welcome if you want to add to it 🙂

 Until next time. Love x

Pooja Prahalad







4 Comments Add yours

  1. Krithi says:

    Well written.. All workable provided you have support at home.. And of course until you have children


    1. Thank You. I’m sure 🙂 Agree with you. May be I’ll find a way out somehow and make time at that phase of life.


  2. Maitri Banerjee says:

    Oh so well elaborated my girl … And trust me this is the realistic way to approach a healthier life .. I wish I can do atleast half of the things you have mentioned here … Loved the sequence and flow … Being a fitness enthusiast myself could totally connect and make sense … Kudos ❤️


    1. Thank You Love 🙂 You don’t wish. You have been consistent all these years with your fitness goals. Yo are one of my inspiration Tree.


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