Inspiration from Travel, Fashion, Philosophy, Food, Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice!

Hello Hello!


How are you doing?


I’d like to welcome you to my blog page. If you know me well enough, you know what you can expect from my blogs. In case this is your first time knowing me, you can follow me on :


Twitter :@poojaprahalad


I believe in my dreams to turn them into reality. I can go on speaking about the beauty of believing in dreams but, for now, let’s just say that I find inspiration in the smallest of things. In line with what the headline says, the blogs I’d be working on will be inspired from Travel, Fashion, Philosophy, Food, Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice!


Speaking about inspiration, I met someone yesterday. A lady so inspiring, I probably haven’t had such a conversation in ages. While we went on talking about the good things in life, she asked me “Why don’t you blog?”. I asked myself – ” Yes, why not?” I often talk to myself in my mind, which I think, helps me get my thoughts out of my head and build a perspective towards different things in life. However, that’s quickly gone in the air because thoughts are just thoughts. Through my blogs, I’d like to echo my opinion to my followers. Also, this way, I can re-visit my thoughts and build upon them.


In my next blog, I’d be writing about my recent trip to Gokarna – its culture, food, travel fashion and guidebook in case you want to head there for your next ‘3 day long weekend.’


Your suggestions are welcome. You can leave your comment below or connect with me over e-mail for details. My e-mail id is





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